Tracy Anderson


Tracy Anderson is Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer.  Her combinations target transforming the body into a professional dancer’s type body: thin, long and lean.  She uses a computer analysis and designs programs for her clients.  She has a slew of DVDs out for at home workouts.  She answers your questions.  You can find further information on her products and videos by visiting her website



What general tips keep your high profile clients in shape?

In my view, most gym programs over work major muscle groups.  Anytime you are doing the same movement over and over you are building and bulking your muscles.  It is very important to change your rotations and hit your muscles from different angles so that you are strengthening your accessory muscles and not overusing your large muscle groups.  When the accessory muscles are properly developed, they pull in the larger muscles, creating a tinier body structure.  In addition, the muscles get smart fast.  Change keeps the muscles from shifting and responding.  The way you work the muscles must always be changed while keeping moves that have the same end goal result.

You have a reputation for moving clients from a siz 12 to a size 2 quickly.  Do you have any tips that lead to your clients’ strong transformation rates?

The key to my programs is that I am always moving my clients along with new work.  Your muscles get smart fast and they quit working for you.  During my years of research I found that there was not a program that had enough variations for challenging movements to take people the distance.  Focus on variety for strong results.

What are the common mistakes peopel make around fitness, health and nutrition?

Your primary focus needs to be on dieting.  Even I hate dieting but I do it anyway.  I think it is the most evil way to set people up to fail.  You must also be disciplined with your time to exercise.  I work with some of the busiest people in the world and they don’t miss their workouts.  Your body needs food and it needs what you crave, so ensure you’re not starving yourself and meeting your minimum calorie requirements.

How much time do you suggest should be devoted to exercise?

Dedicate at least one hour a day to exercise.  Dont miss it, period.  I typically recommend 30 minutes of heart pumping cardio followed by 30 minutes of muscular structure work.