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Tracie Martyn Spa was showcased at the Luxury Review May 10th, 2012.  The Spa has an impressive list of clientele.  Diane von Furstenberg goes there regularly.  So does Kate Winslet, Susan Sarandon, Liv Tyler, Julianna Margulies  and even Madonna.  Her products which are organic make skin look younger and reduces redness. Many find her facials a last resort before plastic surgery, and are glad to achieve results without breaking skin. It will cost you upwards of $450 for a facial, but the clients tout it's a savings if your other alternative is plastic surgery.  So what products do these celebrities use?

Kate Winslet told Easy Living magazine "I absolutely love this Resculpting Body Cream.  It doesn't have any chemicals so you feel it's okay to use all over.  For years I had bumpines on the top of my arms-i'ts hereditary, all the girls in my family have it-and this completely got rid of that.  This product has made it possible for me to have my arms out on the red carpet."

So what else does she do? US Weekly reported Kate uses Tracie's Resculpting Body Serum to firm her neck and jawline.   She also goes into the spa for the Red Carpet Facial.

DVF reports "her Firming Serum is the only things I use on my face.  It's very refreshing."

Ke$ha told Elle Magazine that the TRACIE MARTYN Amla Purifying Cleanser "Impressively gets all the glitter and makeup off in one step."

Kate Winslet: "Tracie's Resculpting FAcial tightens up your skin so much you look like you've ben on a two-week retreat to Thailand."

Susan Sarandon: "When I really want to treat myself, Tracie's treatment is one of the few things I know that makes you beautiful both inside and out.  It seems to drain not only the puffiness but all the tension as well."

Tracie gave tips in In Style Magazine and recommended the following vitamins:
Bilberry extract, Nature's Way $24/90 at Whole Foods Market
L-carnosine, the Vitmain Shoppe, $37/100
L-carnitine, Great Earth Vitamins $46/50:
Drink lots of water and green tea
Liquid chlorophyll, World Organic, $7/8 oz; (She adds a teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll to her morning Fiji water.)

Property Details

Name of Spa: Tracie Martyn Spa
Address: 101 5th Ave
City: New York
State or Province: NY
ZIP: 10003
Country: USA
Phone Number: (212) 206-9333
Toll Free Phone Number: N/A
Square Feet: N/A
Number of Treatment Rooms: N/A
Retail Products: Tracie Martyn
Number of Guest Rooms: N/A
Types of Payment Accepted: N/A
Cancellation Policy: N/A
Gratuity: N/A
Awards: N/A
Staff to Guest Ratio: N/A
Rate: Approximately $450 for a facial

Hours of Operation: N/A
Pet Policy: N/A
Last Renovation: N/A
Amount: N/A
Early Arrival Instructions: N/A
Spa Director: N/A
Parking/Valet: N/A
Wifi: N/A
Restaurant: Some light snacks in the waiting area
Signature Treatment: Red Carpet Facial
Year Opened: N/A
Special Events: N/A
Airport: JFK/La Guardia/Newark
Owner: Tracie Martyn and her partner, Marisu Morariu
Manager: N/A
Meeting Space: N/A
Outside Treatment Rooms: None
Memberships: N/A
Fax: 212-206-8399
Minimum Age for Treatments: N/A

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