The UltraMind Solution

Dr. Hyman emphasizes the importance of eating organic, drinking filtered water, and ingesting vitamins as a way to improve performance and mood as well as a way to solve diseases associated with the brain.  

Dr. Hyman advocates that many issues related to PMS, cancers, depression and dementia can be prevented through ensuring we eat enough fruits and vegetables and we take enough vitamins.  He proposes we eat organic to protect ourselves from the pesticides found in our diet, which is causing many of the anxiety, weight gain, and loss of focus and depression found in many Americans today.

I personally am reading his book, the UltraMind Solution. The book is complicated but interesting.  I now buy organic food and saw an immediate glow in my skin and felt immediately better.  People advocate that going to spas like Rancho La Puerta are so great because of the organic farming produced in Mexico.  He advocates a lot of organic vitamin supplements and provides stories of many patients who have noticed significant weight loss and happiness as a result of changing their diet and vitamin intake.

He goes further to suggest abstaining from wi-fi devices and plugging in appliances whenever possible to prevent potential damage.  A major tip: keep your cell phone away from your hip, it's where the majority of blood cells are created.  Also, relax more and take in mother nature.


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