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McGuire-Wien is the CEO and founder of American Yogini, the core of her "hohm boutique retreat" an exclusive yoga, juice fasting and conscious lifestyle retreat in the Hamptons near New York, where people come from all over the world
to "cleanse" and restore in her workshops and Eco-conscious hohm. Her extensive knowledge comes from over 2,000 hours of teacher-training, and many years of personally taking groups and individuals through time-tested courses of purification.



There just are not enough hours in the day. The stress of modern living takes its toll especially around years end. As your schedule picks up, so too does your personal time decrease. This has a knock on effect on our lives and means that we do not eat as well as we should and do not exercise right, which can lead to disease as well as a host of other health problems. With fall here and the leaves turning a golden color, it is only natural for us to start to wind up for years end. According to the malls, it is Halloween and then the holidays are almost upon us. With a head full of “to do” lists it is easy to forget to eat until the proverbial “hunger monster” is flexing his muscles in your belly. Eating healthy seems an insurmountable task. Even making a smoothie can be a daunting task. It takes a bit of time and thought. What to put in it?

However, according to Mary McGuire-Wien, author of “The 7 Day Total Cleanse” it is possible to organize your kitchen so that you are able to whip up a healthy alternative, especially an energising juice or smoothie, in no time at all. McGuire-Wien separates her kitchen into a salad zone, a dehydration zone, a cooking zone and of course: A JUICING ZONE. The juice and smoothie zone is the most used area of the kitchen at her luxury yoga retreat Yogini Hohm. Nestled in the picturesque Hampton’s, the juicing headquarters are a testament to what can be achieved through Juice recipes and raw diet. Her book received a 2010 National Health Information Awards MERIT Award.

Mary’s Tips for Juicing:

* Let “Easy” and “Beautiful” co-exist. Keep your fruit and veg in an attractive seasonal display. It will inspire you and is within easy reach. Making your home beautiful can be as important as the juicing process itself. Your energy will seep into the juices you are making and truly has a positive effect on your nervous system, which contributes to overall health. Try building a tower of lemons or apples, a pretty dish for your ginger, a beautiful bowl for a gorgeous array of color and flavor. Mix in some flowers and fresh herbs tucked into a bud vase of water.

* TAKE TIME TO PREP: pre prepare your fruit and veg by washing them and making sure they are ready to go when you want to juice. That way you eliminate a lot of unnecessary fussing.

* Containers: make sure you have lots of "cool" glass storage containers for your juices and that way you will be able to store your wonderful healthy concoctions. From Nut milk to raw juices you will be able to have a gamut of choices. Pick up some mason jars and keep them near your juicer to fill with extra juice for storing in your refrigerator so you will have a good supply handy to take along with you to work, send to school with the kids, or just for a quick juice pick up. According to Raw Juice experts a fresh jar of hohm-made juice can give you an even better energy boost than coffee!

Making your kitchen a space that is easy and light is the first step to taking back your well deserved health time. For many the year can streak by with barely an acknowledgement that it has passed. At times it may feel too late to get ahold of your and your family’s health, but by transforming your kitchen into an area that has a brilliant Juicing Zone you may just inspire some new juicing recipes, as well as a smile. It may be Fall but you’ll have a spring in your step .


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