“Peninsula Wellness”

Exceptional, personalised service, long a tradition at The Peninsula Hotels, is taken to new levels with Peninsula Wellness – a lifestyle programme that touches every aspect of a guest’s lifestyle, both during their stay and beyond, and which focuses on providing a sanctuary for the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

As well as staying in luxurious hotel accommodations with the finest amenities, guests are now able to renew themselves in mind, body and spirit through an integrated approach to help them escape stress, and to relax and rejuvenate in a deeply personal way.
The programme has been created to meet the needs of Peninsula guests who are conscious about leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their personal well-being. Its integrated approach offers a unique antidote to the stress and strains accumulated by a demanding travel or business schedule or just the hectic pace of modern life.
This innovative programme is presented in a generation of new Peninsula Spas – Hong Kong, Beverly Hills, Bangkok, Chicago, Tokyo, Beijing, New York and Shanghai, and includes cutting-edge treatments at each of these luxurious new spas.

But as the name suggests, Peninsula Wellness goes far beyond the mere pampering experience offered at most spas. Peninsula Wellness also includes light and healthy Naturally Peninsula cuisine options at Peninsula dining outlets, Naturally Peninsula organic teas and coffees to appeal to the sense of taste, Simply Peninsula products to enliven the sense of smell though a range of scented candles, to exhilarate the sense of touch through a line of luxurious bath and body care products and to stimulate the sense of hearing with soothing mood music from the exclusive Peninsula Spa CD collection.

"The daily interactions of our hotel staff with our guests, and indeed the experiences of our own
travelling executives, indicate that a hotel needs to place increasing importance on giving guests
healthy lifestyle choices, which can also extend beyond the duration of their actual stay in the
hotel," says Chief Executive Officer Mr. Clement K. M. Kwok.
“Peninsula Wellness has therefore been developed as a comprehensive and integrated worldwide
initiative to ensure the highest standard of quality and consistency at each Peninsula Hotel that all
guests will appreciate,” Mr Kwok adds. “This advanced programme demonstrates the company’s
commitment to meeting the personalised needs of each and every guest in this hectic and stressful
modern age.”

To enable guests to enjoy the full benefits of Peninsula Wellness as a lifestyle choice, a range of
Naturally Peninsula and Simply Peninsula products are available through the hotels, Peninsula
Boutique outlets and through peninsulaboutique.com for guests to purchase and take home,
including two Naturally Peninsula cookbooks.

The Peninsula Spas
The focal point of Peninsula Wellness is The Peninsula Spa. With each Peninsula hotel located in
the very heart of its respective city, The Peninsula Spas are oases of luxury and rejuvenation,
providing guests with an extensive range of choices to enhance their health and well-being.
Dedicated to providing guests with far more than simple pampering, the Spas offer exclusive
treatment journeys that have been especially designed for Peninsula customers.

The Peninsula Hotels work with international spa consultancy ESPA, headed by renowned spa authority Susan Harmsworth, to offer a unique spa concept at its hotels. ESPA-branded products are the preferred products carried in these Peninsula Spas, while treatments draw upon Eastern and Western wellness and relaxation philosophies, emphasizing a back-to-basics approach with authentic treatments delivered by highly-trained therapists.

“In many ways, The Peninsula and ESPA are aligned in standards,” says Harmsworth, who has created a menu of treatments with Peninsula guests specifically in mind. “Every hotel and spa is completely different in terms of setting, and our customers come to us with very diverse needs. Whether it is catering to the stress brought on by a particular urban climate, or the increasingly hectic pace of travelling and work-related tension, our Spas venture into a journey of deep calm by adapting accordingly to an intrinsic need for natural balance.”

Naturally Peninsula Cuisine
To further expand the lifestyle choices of Peninsula guests, the Peninsula Wellness programme has been devised to take into account every aspect of their welfare, with light and healthy Naturally Peninsula cuisine options on offer at all Peninsula dining establishments.
The Peninsula’s accredited guest nutrition consultants work with the hotels’ award-winning chefs to develop a variety of alternative menu choices for guests, including a set of Naturally Peninsula cooking and ingredient guidelines disseminated among the hotels’ chefs and their culinary teams, together with full nutritional analyses of recipes from the hotels.

The two Naturally Peninsula cookbooks – Flavours and Tea Flavours, showcase recipes created by The Peninsula’s team of talented and innovative chefs from around the world. Promoting the use of organic ingredients wherever possible, both cookbooks feature recipes focusing on lighter and healthier dishes which maintain their own unique flavours without compromise.

Naturally Peninsula – Flavours highlights diverse culinary styles to showcase dishes which are prepared naturally, keeping in mind current lifestyle trends towards pristine flavours and natural ingredients, while the Naturally Peninsula Tea Flavours cookbook features tea-inspired Naturally Peninsula culinary creations united by one common ingredient – tea.

With stunning photography by Edmond Ho, Naturally Peninsula–Flavours was honoured with the Gold Medal in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2007 for “Best Photography Cookbook in the World”, while Naturally Peninsula–Tea Flavours was the winner for the “Best in the World Tea Book” in 2008 and Hong Kong winner in the same Best Cookbook Photography category.

Naturally Peninsula also features a range of organic food and beverages including an organic green tea and five organic black teas - Breakfast, Afternoon, Peninsula Blend, Assam and Darjeeling - which are naturally rich in anti-oxidants. These are served at The Peninsula’s Spas and dining outlets, and are available for purchase from The Peninsula Boutique and through peninsulaboutique.com. A range of organic herbal teas (including chamomile, Indian basil, peppermint, ginger, lemongrass and orange) and coffees is also available.

Simply Peninsula
The Simply Peninsula range of toiletries and other products includes bath and shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hand and body lotion, and aromatic candles, all made using a variety of essential oils and fragrances.

Specially compiled Peninsula CDs of Asian-inspired relaxation music are played at all Peninsula Spas, and are also available for purchase so that guests can take their experiences home with them. The first CD Simply Peninsula-Sunset Moon is a compilation of relaxing Chinese-inspired music from renowned Asian artists, while “Simply Peninsula–Firefly Sanctuary” is a collection of life-enhancing Asian-inspired music from a selection of talented and renowned artists including Missa Johonouchi, Jiang Xiao-Qing and Jalan Jalan. The soothing sounds of the instrumental tracks presented in these two compilations are a wonderful accompaniment to aromatherapy, meditation, relaxation, massage, spa treatments, stress relief and yoga.

The Peninsula Hotels’ innovative Peninsula Academy – offering learning experiences and introduction to the local cultures of each Peninsula location – also offers Wellness–themed components including “Wellness Experience” Spa Packages and Naturally Peninsula cooking classes.

Incorporated in 1866 and listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (00045), HSH is the holding company of a Group which is engaged in the ownership, development and management of prestigious hotel, commercial and residential properties in key locations in Asia, the United States and Europe, as well as the provision of transport, club management and other services. The hotel portfolio of the Group comprises The Peninsula Hotels in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila and Paris (opening in 2013). The property portfolio of the Group includes The Repulse Bay Complex, The Peak Tower and The Peak Tramways, St. John’s Building, The Landmark in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and the Thai Country Club in Bangkok, Thailand.

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