A Day at Cal-a-Vie: The Art of Living in Balance

Ever wonder what a trip to a spa looks like? A look inside a Day at Cal-a-Vie by the Spa:

With each guest’s schedule being tailored to fit his or her specific goals and desires for a healthier lifestyle, every day at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa is devoted to fitness, stress relief and nutrition. Upon arrival, guests meet individually with the scheduling department and the resident nutritionist to determine the goals for their visit and to design a specific and personal program to help achieve these goals.

The day begins early at Cal-a-Vie.  Rise shortly after 6:00 a.m., and begin the day by stretching out your muscles in preparation for a healthy workout. A hike through the hills surrounding the 200-acre property or a vigorous 2-mile walk around the adjoining Vista Valley Country Club golf course will get the blood flowing, and the breathtaking panoramic views as the sun rises over the hills will fill you with an inner peace to carry you through the day.

After a nutritious and satisfying breakfast to build your energy and effectively maximize your workouts, a brief “Fit Talk” by a member of the fitness staff will put you in the right mindset for all the rigors your day ahead may hold.  Four hours of varied workouts are available before lunch is served, and guests can choose from the many fitness programs such as body sculpting, spinning, tennis, cardio-kickboxing, yoga or water aerobics.

Mid-morning brings the daily vegetable and herb broth “revitalizer” break.  Besides simply replacing fluids and infusing vitamins into the body – which has been hard at work since dawn – this savory drink is a special combination of natural ingredients developed and served only at Cal-a-Vie, providing the essential nutrients to build your energy levels for the remaining morning activities.

Lunch can be served in the shade by the babbling brook, which is the heart of Cal-a-Vie, or in the traditional dining room setting.  It will revive you and allow you to enjoy an afternoon of relaxing health and beauty treatments.  Head to the Bath House for a full regimen of your choice of seaweed wraps, massages, soaks in he hydrotherapy tub, relaxing facials, a hair and scalp treatment, reflexology and aromatherapy with custom-blended oils.

Perhaps this is the day you discover the ancient meditative practice of Labyrinth walking, with an introductory class on Cal-a-Vie’s 60-foot serpentine circle constructed of stones from the property. The 50-minute class, taught by a certified Labyrinth facilitator, will help explain this soothing and enlightening technique so you may complete it as many times as you like at your own pace throughout your stay at Cal-a-Vie.

Guests may choose to spend their evenings at Cal-a-Vie in the comfort and privacy of their villa, where a custom-prepared dinner will be served at their request, or attending a communal dinner in the main dining room, followed by an enriching evening lecture on topics such as stress management and nutrition. On Tuesday and Friday evenings, a highlight of the week is the hands-on cooking demonstration with Executive Chef Jason Graham, who teaches guests how to prepare the healthy and delicious cuisine they have been enjoying at Cal-a-Vie during their stay. Not only does this master chef show how simple it is to eat well, he also provides recipes that make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle back at home. If you are serious about maintaining a long and healthy lifestyle of nutrition and well-being, and are interesting in trying new recipes, the Cal-a-Vie LIVING cookbook is also available for purchase.

The rest of the evening at Cal-a-Vie is free. Use it to enjoy the company of your companions and fellow guests, or grab a good book from the selection found in the library. Read about the prevailing wisdom and latest trends in fitness, nutrition, health and stress management.  Or do nothing – simply nothing – at all. Our bodies and minds need downtime, too, and as fully as Cal-a-Vie provides the intensive strengthening, purifying regimen to rejuvenate the body and soul, so too it possesses an atmosphere of tranquility in which guests can truly relax and find balance and peace.

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