BODYCOFFEE has brewed up a beautiful addition to their collection of prestigious coffee-based body products. Triple-milled, ultra-luxurious Coffee Bean Bath Barsä are inspired by spa culture from around the world and come in 3 exotic scents that evoke the role coffee has played in each culture: Ethiopian Magic spiced with Amber and Myrhh, Sumatra Garden scented with Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang and Turkish Bath infused with Cardamom and Fig.

Coffee Bean Bath Bars artfully capture the distinctive shape of the coffee bean.  According to company co-founder Stephanie Profitt, “From a half-pound bag of whole-bean coffee, we found one perfect bean and gave it to an acclaimed American sculptor. We used his wax model to create a mold for the Coffee Bean Bath Bar.” Its sculptural form is both elegant and ergonomic; it looks stunning on a bathroom vanity and also fits beautifully into the palm of your hand.

Ever heard of coffee butter? Didn’t think so. The Coffee Bean Bath Bar is the first beauty product to use this ultra-emollient ingredient. Profitt explains, “Coffee beans are cold-pressed to release their oils, rich in essential fatty acids and phytosterols that promote softness and moisture retention.” What’s more, coffee also helps reduce damage caused by UV radiation. Shea and cocoa butters offer additional creaminess for a truly luxurious experience.

Each long-lasting Coffee Bean Bath Bar comes in a distinctive decorative gift carton.  The BODYCOFFEE collection includes Invigorating Body Polish, Coffee Blossom Essence Body Lotion, Body Wash and JAVABALM lip balm, as well as professional spa treatments and a luxe body care line. It was while living in Moscow that Profitt first encountered coffee used on the body. Visiting a traditional banya, she noticed women scrubbing their skin with fresh grounds. Profitt tried the technique, fell in love with the results and created BODYCOFFEE.

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