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From Clarins:

At Le Royal Monceau Spa, the Clarins ‘power of touch’ reigns supreme. Clarins has developed massage techniques inspired by the best of the cultures experienced in the 150 countries where it operates.  Based on the five fundamental contact points (palm, thumb, edge of the hand, forearm and elbow), Clarins leverages
long-standing traditions to find the ‘perfect touch’. Indeed, some Ancient Egyptian bas-reliefs depict foot massages and one hieroglyphic caption states “don’t hurt me”!

Treatment or massage?
Two ways to achieve harmony between body and mind Treatment works from the outside in: as your skin becomes firmer and your figure regains its youthful fluidity, your self assurance and confidence grow.  Massage works from the inside out: when you feel in harmony with yourself, relaxed and toned, your body responds to match this change.  In both cases, the resulting changes in physical appearance and psychological well-being are closely linked, although  the connection is different.

Property Details

Name of Spa: le spa my blend by clarins
Address: 37 Avenue Hoche
City: Paris
State or Province:
ZIP: 75008
Country: France
Phone Number: +33-(0)-142 99 88 99
Toll Free Phone Number:
URL www.leroyalmonceau.com
Square Feet: 1500 meters squared
Number of Treatment Rooms: 7
Retail Products:
Number of Guest Rooms: 149
Types of Payment Accepted:
Cancellation Policy:
Staff to Guest Ratio:

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