Executive Chef Dale Van Sky offers diet tips

Executive Chef Dale Van Sky
Red Mountain Spa's culinary chef provides diet tips to guests.   Dale has 30 years as a culinary professional in 14 states, giving him an expansive knowledge of regional cuisines. Inspired by Southwestern, French and Cajun flavors, he diligently creates new menu items that complement nutritional needs while respecting individual dietary requirements. Dale delights in teaching Red Mountain guests healthy cooking techniques and exposing them to quinoa, baby purple kohlrabi and other ingredients not found in most restaurants.  Living in the high desert of southern Utah for the past 15 years, Dale is proud to be a part of Red Mountain Resort. In his words, “The team members really do care about our guests and each other.”

·      Set realistic and achievable goals – Commit to one or two realistic lifestyle changes at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Red Mountain offers guests help with prioritizing their goals through various personalized programs including life coach sessions, metabolic and cholesterol profiles, and nutrition and detoxification assessments.

·       Find an activity that you enjoy – When it comes to exercising, choose something you like to do so that you’ll stick with it.  If you hate running on the treadmill, you shouldn’t choose that as your daily exercise routine. With multi-faceted activities that range from Mountain Biking to Tai Chi on the Rocks, guests are guaranteed to find a new activity they will love.

·         Find a partner in crime – Partnering with a friend or family member with whom to exercise and eat well is a great way to maintain a healthy wellness routine.  Red Mountain is the perfect getaway to kick-start your health journey with a loved one.  The resort features several couples’ add-ons, as well as bonding activities for mothers and daughters, which include horseback riding and Zumba.

·         Make time for reflection and meditation – Reflecting on successes and accomplishments is imperative to maintaining focus and consistency.  Meditation is important for not only easing the mind, but for preparing for challenges ahead.  Red Mountain offers a series of programs conducive to calming the mind, including Acupuncture, Reiki, mediation workshops, morning stretching and Yoga.

·         Create a new habit – If you want to rid yourself of a bad habit, find a replacement so that you can approach change from a positive perspective, rather than from a place of deprivation.  Offering three balanced meals daily with delicious and fulfilling options, such as Beef Sirloin and Blackberry Cobbler, Red Mountain makes it easy to select nutritious foods and avoid unnecessary snacking.

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