Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore Santa Barbara

The Spa at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara Introduces New Eco-Conscious Signature Treatments by H. Gillerman Organics.Four luxurious massages feature leading holistic practitioner and aromatic healer Hope Gillerman’s organic therapeutic formulations designed to target the most common modern-day stress issues.

The Spa at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara announces the launch of a new menu of signature treatments designed by H. Gillerman Organics. The four massages, intended to specifically address the most common health problems brought on by a stressful lifestyle, add a valuable new element to the oceanfront Spa’s comprehensive selection of body and skin care rituals.

“We explored dozens of options in our search for the perfect company and product line to use for our signature massages, which we wanted to cater to our guests’ most frequent concerns,” says Jaana Roth, spa director. “I am so excited about our partnership with Hope Gillerman, because not only do her essential oil remedies impart real, noticeable and fast results, but the brand is perfectly geared toward guests in search of effective all-natural wellness and healing methods in a luxury setting.”

At the core of the new treatments are H. Gillerman Organics’ eight exclusive formulas made with the highest concentrations of the finest quality, unprocessed, undiluted, unaltered, organic / wild-crafted and therapeutic-grade essential oils from around the world. The formulas provide aromatic healing while stimulating the body’s healing mechanism by acting as probiotics and eliminating toxins.

Each of The Spa’s four organic aromatherapy massages is designed to ensure maximum physical and emotional benefits targeted to the client’s needs:

Pure Breathing: Wards off cold and flu; enhances relaxation and deepens breathing; energises and inspires. Sinus Remedy (eucalyptus, orange, petitgrain) clears breathing passageways, decongests, and relieves swollen glands. Chest Remedy (spruce, fir, cardamom) reduces aches and pains, allergies and fatigue.

True Relaxation: Induces deep muscle relaxation and eases stress. Stress Remedy (lavender, tangerine, sandalwood) soothes the nerves, while Muscle Remedy (basil, birch, vetiver) relieves muscle pain and chronic tension and promotes healing of muscular injuries.

Natural Rest: Balances body rhythms, improves sleep and restores after travel. Travel Remedy litsea, cedarwood, palmarosa) relieves jet lag and helps the body adjust to seasonal shifts. Sleep Remedy (bitter orange, clary sage, lavender) helps with sleep quality and insomnia to provide fully restorative natural rest.

Clear Mind: Relieves pain; improves mental focus; grounding. Tension Remedy (peppermint, lavender) relieves headaches and revives mental focus and alertness. Jaw Clenching Remedy (chamomile, vetiver, patchouli) calms mental activity, allowing one to slow down and shift gears to help alleviate tense facial muscles and night grinding.

In addition to their purity, the remedies are free of chemically altered oils, imitation fragrances, petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens and preservatives (to ensure maximum therapeutic results) – the entire H. Gillerman Organics line is produced and packaged using environmentally conscious practices.

The Spa also offers the entire H. Gillerman Organics line of retail products, consisting of all eight remedies packaged in two topical formats: drop-by-drop, 100 percent essential oils applied to prescribed points on the body throughout the day; and roll-on body oil blends applied directly to areas of discomfort. Both formats can double as personal scents, and some of the products can be used as bath oils.

Property Details

Name of Spa: Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore Santa Barbara
Address: 1260 Channel Drive
City: Santa Barbara
State or Province: CA
ZIP: 93108
Country: USA
Phone Number: 805-969-2261
Toll Free Phone Number: n/a
URL n/a
E-Mail n/a
Square Feet: 10,000
Number of Treatment Rooms: 11
Retail Products: Hotel has two stories
Number of Guest Rooms: 207
Types of Payment Accepted: n/a
Cancellation Policy: n/a
Gratuity: n/a
Awards: n/a
Staff to Guest Ratio: n/a
Rate: n/a

Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily
Pet Policy: n/a
Last Renovation: n/a
Amount: n/a
Early Arrival Instructions: 12 Years
Spa Director: Jaana Roth
Parking/Valet: n/a
Wifi: n/a
Restaurant: n/a
Signature Treatment: n/a
Year Opened: Spa Opened October 2002
Special Events: n/a
Airport: n/a
Owner: n/a
Manager: Four Seasons
Meeting Space: n/a
Outside Treatment Rooms: n/a
Memberships: n/a
Fax: 805-565-8323
Minimum Age for Treatments: n/a

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