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fashtrashme: 693 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10019 40.76121 -73.975187
nr. 59th St.  212-350-0117

Today was all about relaxation. I went to Babor Spa, which is the most luxurious SPA I’ve ever been to ( far)

It looked gorgeous + healthy oatmeal cookies, vitamin water and nice chamomile aroma sauna. It also had a shower which would play sounds - tropical rainfall, thunderstorm or a polar mist experience, depending on the different shower modes. Lovely.

I had 2 treatments.

1st one was - SANOTHERM wrap bath, which basically consisted of applying the mask to my whole body, then I was tucked into a warm blanket and then the treatment table raised me up and let me afloat on a warm waterbed. When I moved it generated some lovely waves. The intense temperature basically opened up my pores and let the vitamins penetrate deep into my skin.

Vitamin Wrap

- 30 min.

- 35,00 € / 547,60 eek

A refreshing vitamin cocktail that restores Your skin’s complexion and nourishes it. Natural fruit acids contained in dried fruit used for the wrap give Your skin a paricularly radiant and youthful appearance. The mask is rich in vitamins: they can be found in fruit , intensive serums and the vitamin cream - all these are used to prepare the wrap.

2nd procedure I had was facial treatment, it was AMAZING, best I’ve ever had for sure. It was called Baborganic.

Baborganic face treatment

- 90 min.

- 59,00 € / 923,15 eek

Leave the stress of everyday life behind and experience beauty in its purest form – the Baborgainc treatment surprises with a soft snowflake feeling on the skin and an extraordinary massage with real rock crystals. An experience of pure indulgence that leaves skin looking more even and radiant, your complexion has a younger, more glowing and healthier appearance.

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