Celebrity Diets Gone Wrong (reblogged)

Celebrity Diets Gone Wrong (reblogged)

1. Beyonce, when preparing for her role in Dreamgirls drank only water with pepper in it for 10 days. WATER WITH PEPPER IN IT FOR TEN DAYS?!?! How could she even stay conscious? Let alone be crazy in love?

2. Reese Witherspoon, our favourite blonde, went on a month long diet of, mmm-mmm, that delicious pre digested texture one only finds in baby food! Peas and carrots liquified? My mouth’s watering…

3. Sarah Michelle Gellar, so you’re a vampire slayer, but is that a reason to go overboard anti-cannibalism? Yes ladies, Buffy was able to indulge in as much…cabbage soup as she liked over a 7 day period. Hope you like cabbage…

4. Renee Zellweger, baby, you take the cake (possibly an ironic choice of words) with the Ice Cube Diet where one is only allowed to eat one meal of raw food a day. If you get hungry, it’s no cause for concern, you can snack on a tasty ice cubes! Believe it or not, as many as you like!!!

Ahhh celebrities. How I do love you and your ridiculous dieting and awesome role-modelling. I once went on a fad diet of my own though, I wont deny it. It was called theI’m an Angsty 13 year old Diet and consisted of 4 months of nothing but black coffee and stewed plums. Trust me, it was just as delicious and fun-filled as it sounds.

After reflection on this, I have to say, this year is hard enough without having to worry about eating. This year is hard, period. But I’m glad to know, that no matter how much weight I may put on, I don’t have to turn to fad dieting. 


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